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Why Premium Meats?

75 Years of World Class Meats!

Premium Meats Facility:

Our state-of-the-art facility, built in 2018, conforms to CFIA and HACCP standards, ensuring the ultimate in food safety. This 6,000 square foot warehouse employs the latest refrigeration technology, with coolers and freezers that are individually temperature-controlled by using a highly technological computerized system.

Our compressors are all high-efficiency units built to conserve hydro usage.  Excess heat generated by the compressors are utilized to heat the office floors. Other than office space, the remainder of the Premium Meats warehouse, including loading docks, is refrigerated.

As well, Premium Meats trucks are fully refrigerated and are sanitized on a regular basis.

Each product arriving at our docks is immediately checked for proper temperature and stored in our temperature-controlled coolers. At the time of shipping there is, once again, a temperature check.  Then, when the product is delivered,  we record the temperature as well, ensuring ultimate food safety. When a product arrives at our warehouse it is immediately entered into our computer system which allows for full traceability.  We have a complete recall protocol in place.  Premium Meats is fully committed to food safety, excellent service and quality product.

Our goal at Premium Meats is to deliver an exceptional level of customer service.  As a family owned company, we take great pride in the way we service our customers.  Whether it's trust, to be on time for a scheduled delivery, or quickly responding to an emergency order, you can always depend on us to be there when you need us.